This almost sounds too good to be true, but it's actually really simple.

Some people say this almost sounds too good to be true. When completing surveys for cash you are actually earning us money, so that we can pay for your itunes Gift Cards actication code! Once you've earned the cash for convert either a $15, $25 , or $50 subscription code, you can cash out, and trade in your cash to get your itunes code! This is 100% legal, and you can be any age to participate!
How this works
1.)     Choose your packages of iTunes Gift Card and click "Get Your Code".
No registration nessisary, all we need is your email to send you your code after you earn cash for convert to code.

2.)     Earn code by completing surveys.
You can complete as many survey's as you'd like. Once you've earned enough cash it will convert to code.

3.)     Exchange your cash for your itunes Gift Cards Subscription code.
Once you have earned the required amount, you can exchange those it for either an itunes Gift Cards subscription code. This is also known as "cashing out". Once you've cashed out you will be asked for your email, make sure you confirm you've entered your email correctly, as this is where your code will be sent.

4.)     Wait for our email containing your code!
After you cash out, we confirm that you've earned enough, then send your code to the email address you've provided. Confirmation usually takes anywhere from 1 to 24 hours.